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A lot of people in Germany and from other countries have no idea how appealing our region is. The Saarland is the little piece of Germany where nature is mostly intact and dining in is especially delightful.

Would you like proof? Nowhere else in a region will you find as many star cuisines as in the Saarland and the adjoining Lorraine region. Just recently, the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig was declared the best hiking path of Germany. In a perimeter of 50 kilometers, you will find 9 golf courses - this should suffice for a longer stay.

The Lake Jägersburg (Jägersburger Weiher) is a very special gem. Not only can you go on abundant walks and explore the area by bicycle, but you can also use the water surface. 

The motto of the Saarlander is “Hauptsach gudd gess”, meaning “everything is fine as long as there is good food” - and not without reason. It is an illustrious expression of the special joie de vivre and distinctive food culture.

 In the Saarland there are, based on the area, the most premium hiking paths in Germany that were awarded by the German hiking institute.

The Saarland convinces with its divers offers for comfortable leisure cycling, multi-day tours and athletic challenges.


 The Saarland will make the golfer’s heart beat faster. 9 golf course are located in a perimeter of 50 kilometers - perfect for an active vacation.

Get to know the lively art and culture scene of the state and go on a discovery journey of the eventful history of the state in the middle of Europe.

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SaarlandCard - Peters Wellness und Spa Hotel

Saarland Card


With the Saarland Card you can explore the most beautiful, most exciting, most exceptional and most thrilling locations in the Saarland and beyond the border. - and all without additional costs. Receive free admission to over 90 destinations: e.g our pedal boat rental (2h free), the Schlossberg Caves (Schlossberghöhlen), the Saarland mining museum (Saarländisches Bergbaumuseum), the Roman museum in Schwarzenacker (Römermuseum Schwarzenacker), the Clock museum - La Pendale (Uhrenmuseum - La Pendale), the rose garden in Zweibrücken (Rosengarten Zweibrücken), the Koi Bad & Sauna (3 hours), Das Blau (Pool) - Freizeitbad (2 hours) and many more. In addition to that, the Saarland Card functions as your ticket for busses, Saarbahn (Saar Train) & regional trains within the Saarland. 

Die digitale Karte erhalten Sie bei Ihrer Anreise (ab 2 Nächten) zum PETERS Hotel & Spa. Pro Übernachtung erhalten Sie einen Nutzungstag von uns geschenkt. Erfolgt die Nutzung der Karte bereits am Anreisetag, so endet die Gültigkeit der Karte am Tag vor der Abreise um 24 Uhr. Wird die Karte während des Aufenthalts einen vollen Kalendertag nicht genutzt, so ist die Nutzung auch am Abreisetag möglich. 

Find all details about the offers on the Saarland Card Homepage, as well as some recommendations on our website under Destinations.

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