PETERS Hotel & Spa Infos zu COVID-19


Valued guests,

In our hotels, we generally have high hygiene and health standards. Part of that are for example the provision of hand sanitizers and regular hygiene training of our employees.

You can rest assured that the hygiene and health standards given by the German health authorities are extensively implemented in our installation.

After the spreading of the coronavirus led to new challenges in Germany as well, we once again intensified our hygiene measures. For instance, we set up additional disinfection points and tightened the conduct standards for our employees. In addition to that, the cleaning and sanitizing intervals for especially sensitive areas like the reception, door handles, water taps, light switches etc were significantly shortened.

Wir informieren uns tagesaktuell über erneuerte Hinweise und Handlungsempfehlungen des Robert-Koch-Instituts (RKI), des Bundesinstituts für Risikobewertung (BfR), der Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (BZgA) sowie der Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin (BauA).

Should the experts decide on changed assessments, we will react quickly and comprehensively and adjust our operational procedures accordingly. You can rest assured that the compliance of staff and hand hygiene remains our top priority. 

PETERS Hotel & Spa Infos zu COVID-19


Zur Zeit dürfen wir keine touristischen Gäste beherbergen. Nur Geschäftsreisende und private Reisende mit wichtigem Grund dürfen beherbergt werden. Ebenfalls dürfen wir unseren Wellnessbereich in dieser Zeit nicht öffnen und keine Wellness Anwendungen (Massage/Kosmetik) anbieten.

Wir haben modernste Technik im Haus, z.B. wechselt die Lüftungsanlage stündlich die komplette Luft und jedes Zimmer ist mit einem eigenen Filter ausgestattet.

PETERS Hotel & Spa Infos zu COVID-19


When it comes to the cleaning and disinfection in our hotel, our employees pay special attention to door handles, light switches, water taps and all other areas that are touched by a lot of people. These areas are cleaned and sanitized particularly frequent.

PETERS Hotel & Spa Infos zu COVID-19


According to the Corona measures of the Saarland, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to other people should be kept, if possible.

PETERS Hotel & Spa Infos zu COVID-19


The Federal Center for Health Education recommends: Shaking hands and hugging should be avoided. This is not considered rude, but proves to be an effective protection from the transmission of common cold and other viruses.

PETERS Hotel & Spa Infos zu COVID-19


Bitte tragen Sie im gesamten Hotel eine Mund-Nasen-Schutz.

Am Tisch im Restaurant und im Wellnessbereich ist dies nicht nötig.

PETERS Hotel & Spa Infos zu COVID-19


By washing your hands regularly and thoroughly, you are not only protecting yourselves, but also other people. Do not sneeze or cough into your hands, but use your elbows instead. 

PETERS Hotel & Spa Infos zu COVID-19


We offer breakfast in our restaurant. Our tables stand apart sufficiently. We temporarily offer waiter service instead of a buffet.

PETERS Hotel & Spa Infos zu COVID-19


Ab 02.11.2020 bis 30.11.2020 sind unser Restaurant, sowie unsere Alm geschlossen.

PETERS Hotel & Spa Infos zu COVID-19


We look forward to welcoming you again to meet and celebrate!

We can give you individual advice about your party or conference. Our event manager Markus Nerding is available under